January 18, 2011

Electronics In The World Of Tomorrow +/4

Repurposing of the original ‘Electronics In The World Of Tomorrow’ by Erkki Kurenniemi (1964 or 1968).

At UBUWEB, Erkki Kurenniemi has been described thus:

"Erkki Kurenniemi is considered a prophet of artificial-intelligence research, headband videos and artificial reality, often being 10-40 years ahead of his time. He has appeared on topical TV shows and written futuristic articles speculating on the future of mankind and on the relationship between man and machines. "

This version hasn’t come out perfectly (admittedly), or at least, I’m not sure if I am happy about the results. Some parts seem to have lacked some detail, but this was an experiment for me. It took a full week (day AND night) to process, and I was able to put it all together today. This explains why I have been a bit quiet recently …

You can read more at The Sound Of Eye, or watch the original at UBUWEB.